Water is the driver of nature

Water is the driver of nature

A brand with a system.

The idea of Camelbak was inspired by the need to drink thirst in 1988. What is worn today as a Camelbak hydration pack on the back when freeriding, ski touring or on high altitude tours has its origin in the scorching heat of Wichita Falls, Texas. Michael Eidson, a paramedic by profession, creates the first Camelbak hydration pack from an IV bag, socks and clothespin to keep dehydrated in the heat of cycling. the principle or rather its obvious advantage is self-explanatory: while the other bikers work on their bottles and sometimes even have to stop to drink, Eidson simply continues to ride and drink while he does so. The idea is born!

The shooting for the new point of sale was realized in a breathtaking scenery on the italian island of sardinia. The completely wooden stand consists of four different water stations. get active and get to know the product yourself. So the visitor gets a deep insight into the product variety and the brand story: WATER IS THE DRIVER OF THE NATURE


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