Garage Winery



Contribute to the preservation of the wine culture with a sponsorship.

The young revolutionaries in the team of The Garage Winery have been known for their light, tangy and uncomplicated wines from the Rüdesheimer Berg Kaisersteinfels since its foundation in 2000. The vineyard fascinates by its originality with small parcels of land, handmade dry stone walls as well as rare herbs, plants and green lizards.

In 2016, thanks to the support of livewelt, the team of The Garage Winery is now attacking with fresh design and innovative sales concepts. Aficionados and wine enthusiasts now have the opportunity to take over a vine sponsorship for one, three or five years and can make an active contribution to the preservation of the cultivated wine culture by participating as a vine sponsor.

With the new website in Responsive Design livewelt presents the innovative sales concept and opens a look behind the scenes by integrating an Instagram Gallery under the hashtag #patenrebe. More information about the project at

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