In 2016, livewelt celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this reason the agency for brand and live communication has launched a competition for children’s and youth sports groups. Associations and sports groups from Güterslohs area could send a contribution which explained what made them special as a team. The prizes for the winning teams are consisting of team clothing, photoshooting and authoring cards. Many applications were received, but only three teams could win and were selected in a small Facebookvideo.

The Rugby-Team from Wiedenbrücker TV was one of participating the teams at the competition “We make you big”. With the reason:”Beacause we are friends” and everyone  for everyone is the Rugby-Team one of the winning teams. Last weekend the ceremonial handover and the shooting took place. The boy and girls enyoed the time and on the next day the team already used their new teamclothes for a game.

livewelt will keep the figners crossed for the rest of the season!