Live communication plays an essential role in the marketing of companies, brands, and products. After all, being live means being immediate. livewelt provides a leading competitive edge, both for customers and for business partners. Addressing real situations and complex worlds of experience. Live always has the winning hand – particularly with the growing importance of the virtual world in business life. 


livewelt spreads your message effectively, using the right words and the right channels. Embedding them in an integrated, visually expressive story, we give brands the distinctive profile they need for customers and consumers. Highlighting objective differences while enhancing emotional persuasiveness – tailored both to the B-to-B market as well as to the more traditional area of B-to-C communication. 


A good idea is always a creative achievement. It needs scope for development, later thinkers, and visionaries. However, even an unconventional approach is justifiable and based on systematic planning. This is the key to success We connect the idea with our live communication programmes and proven modules fpr addressing, motivation and loyalty. This is strong and unique.


What companies expect from an agency are optimal reaction times, immediate support, and swift progress in their projects. We know that, and we make it easy. All thanks to our proactive project management and streamlined decision-making process – from the development of original ideas to optimized technical implementation. Of course, fair prices and transparent cost structures are always an integral part of how we work. 


Whether at professional or amateur level, participating actively or simply being there “live”: sport is always fascinating. In all its variety, sport offers companies and brands a wealth of subject matter for making a unique and striking impression. No matter if the focus is on competition, incentives, team building, or just fun with friends: livewelt can draw upon plentiful resources for its clients, especially in light of the agency owner’s background in professional sport. 


Today, having a good network is both self-evident and a key to quality for a costumer-oriented agency. However, the fact that we have far-reaching personal contacts deep into the world of celebrities in sports, economy and media – truly distinguishes livewelt from many other contractors. Since we have made our mark in consistently fair win-win situations, we are considered to be an ideal sparring partner and sought-after facilitator for a fruitful cooperation.

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