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Gute Kommunikation muss fesseln, Emotionen hervorrufen und begeistern! Genau solche Erfolgsstorys entwickeln wir. Hinter jeder Idee steht ein starkes, eingespieltes Team. Wir sind schnell und unkompliziert, keine Träumer, Visionäre oder kreative Spinner, sondern einfach MACHER. livewelt liefert individuelle Lösungen immer schnell und auf den Punkt. Unsere Zielgruppe sind Unternehmen, die schnelle und unkomplizierte Lösungen suchen – online, offline und face-to-face.

Our strengths

By default the first element is open, so the first element is now hidden.

live communication plays a strong role in the marketing of companies, brands and products. because live has a direct effect. livewelt provides the decisive edge over the competition, for customers and business partners. about real experiences and complex worlds of experience. live always wins - even with increasing virtuality in business life.

With the right words and via the right channels, livewelt effectively spreads your message. embedded in a consistent story and with a strong visual impact, we give brands the necessary distinctive profile with the customer or consumer. for noticeably more factual differentiation and emotional persuasiveness - tailored for the B-to-B area as well as for classic B-to-C communication.

a good idea is always a creative achievement. it needs freedom, lateral thinkers and visionaries. but even an unconventional approach can be justified and is based on systematic planning. that's what makes it successful. we combine the idea with our live communication programs and proven modules for addressing, motivating and bonding. this is strong and distinctive.

what companies expect from an agency are the best response times, fast support and rapid project progress. we know that and we make it easy. thanks to proactive project management and short decision paths - whether it's an initial idea or already the best technical implementation is required. fair prices and transparent cost structures are of course always included.

professional or amateur sector - active participation or "just being there live": sport is always fascinating. in its diversity, it offers a wealth of thematic opportunities for companies and brands to present themselves as uniquely as intensively. regardless of where the focus is - on competition, incentive, teambuilding or fun with conviviality: livewelt can draw from the full potential here, especially in view of the agency owner's professional sports past, and score points for its customers.

to have a good network is as natural as it is quality-defining for a customer-oriented agency today. however, having far-reaching, personal contacts deep into the world of celebrities from sports, business and the media really sets livewelt apart from many other service providers. because we have made a name for ourselves by consistently creating fair win-win situations, we are considered by companies and testimonials alike as an ideal sparring partner and sought-after moderator for a fruitful cooperation.

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