Creativity and experience are the most valuable players for us

How can a company intensify its relationships with business partners and motivate employees?
What does a product need to establish itself as a brand?

In all cases, it's about people and the right way to address them, about building, promoting and maintaining recognition, conviction and trust. livewelt has built up special expertise in consulting, conception and implementation over many years.


livewelt Consulting


Every good communication measure needs a brilliant idea. An idea for the message you want to get across. A story. As architects for your event, employer branding or marketing concept, we think creatively, but always with the goal in mind.

We focus on combining the most effective channels with the most effective measures, so that your message has the maximum impact.

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We are the artists of the coloured pixel, the graphic artists with magic wand and copy stamp and the visualists of modern fair dreams.

We give your brand a face.

We create all kinds of graphic content for you, from corporate designs for consulting, image editing and print design for strong content, appealing screen designs for the digital cracks to key visuals, advertising materials, room design and invitations for the next major event.

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When letters become words and words become stories, when lighting and scenery burn the perfect photo onto the SD card.

When frame to frame a work of art is created in 4K, you have landed at livewelt content.

We take care of your external presentation in word, photo and film. Whether for Facebook, Instagram & Co, as part of your press work, for your new homepage or the invitation to your next company event. Take us at our word - and we will find the right words for you!

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livewelt Content



We are the Go To Guys for bits and bytes, the code kings of new territory, we make zeros attractive and ones understandable.

We master the entire keyboard of the digital world and make it profitably available to our customers: from simple business card websites and extensive multi-site homepages to complex shop and e-commerce systems.

We speak your language, whether Typo3, WordPress or Neos CMS, whether macOS, Windows, Android or iOS, we are digital.

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Whether on wheels through Scotland or sailing off Majorca, on large construction sites in Bochum or barbecuing in Essen, at the Bauma in Munich or the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, whether with graffiti in Dresden or breakdancing in Kiel: we will impressively implement your event, incentive, promotion or road show and put your company in the limelight.

From preparation to support to joint debriefing - we are live on site for you.

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livewelt Event