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The Seppeler Late Night Show

The Seppeler Late Night Show

A century of Rietbergwerke in one evening Late Night Show

"It works for us." This mission statement is more than a promise. It is the claim of the Seppeler Group to be a powerful, flexible and sustainable partner for every customer. As a manufacturing service provider in hot-dip galvanizing, coating, container technology or in the production of gratings. For every challenge. In every industry.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Rietbergwerke, the Seppeler Group organized an anniversary day with an evening show event. livewelt organized a late night show in the Rietberger Cultura with host Ingo Börchers, a late night show band, countless talk guests and two show acts. livewelt developed a comprehensive show concept for the client, from consultation and advance communication to the creation of content for the late night show, to the control of the trades and the direction of the show.

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