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Relaunch corporate design

Relaunch corporate design

Design and web worlds for a high-quality private clinic

Top-class medical care and support, competent nursing care in a familiar, private atmosphere, excellent hotels, conscientiousness and absolute discretion are the top priorities for the Lipödem Klinik. With around 110 accredited doctors from various specialties, the Lindberg Private Clinic offers a wide range of services, which are used by around 1,400 inpatients each year. The Lipödem Klinik has been integrated into this environment, where patients are offered assistance in the areas of nutrition, sports activities and psychological support.

For a high-quality private clinic, an equally high-quality design language in customer contact is an elementary element to make the customer experience pleasant from the very first moment and to trigger a certain amount of trust. livewelt therefore developed a new corporate design for the client Lipödem and implemented this immediately as part of the website relaunch, which was also carried out by livewelt. A style guide was provided to the client for further implementation.

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