Gütersloh Public Utilities

Swim yourself fit!

Swim yourself fit!

Our public utilities supply Gütersloh with everything that is really important.

Above all, people need warmth, energy, water, mobility, a healthy environment, but also recreation, pleasure, communication, information – and the secure feeling of always being able to get all of this exactly where they need it: at home, in their neighborhood, in their city. livewelt digital looks back on a long cooperation with the Gütersloh public utility company.

Swim yourself fit! www.Stadtschwimmen.de the popular campaign of the Gütersloher Stadtwerke (Gütersloher public utility company) already went into the fourth round in August 2019. We are in charge of the website via the digital division and are available as a partner for the entire project. Our tip: go swimming comfortably throughout August with the city swimming card and collect water kilometres diligently. We will be happy to be at the edge of the pool again next year.


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