Tradition - innovation - fascination

Tradition - innovation - fascination

Bundled experience from two and a half centuries.

The global brand BIRKENSTOCK is not only one of the top five global footwear brands, but is also one of the best-known german brands worldwide. with around 3,000 employees, the traditional family-owned company, now in its sixth generation, is also the largest employer in the german footwear industry. Since the beginning of 2013, over 1,100 new jobs have been created, almost without exception in germany. This is because BIRKENSTOCK manufactures the majority of its products at its own production sites in rhineland-palatinate, north rhine-westphalia, hesse and saxony.

For the new shoe collection, a new type of photo series was implemented to bring the product into a unified whole, creating a fascinating visual language from a mix of high-quality fashion photography and colourful products.

pair of shoes
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