Vonovia Day

Vonovia Day

Emotionally connecting two teams

Vonovia SE is the result of the merger of Deutsche Annington and GAGFAH. Both companies have their historical origins in social "factory housing" and manage approx. 370,000 apartments throughout Germany, which are home to around one million people. The merger of the two companies has made Vonovia the market leader in Germany and also the first housing company to be included in the DAX-30 index.

The kick-off event for the launch of Vonovia SE: not only the foundation stone for all internal integration processes, but also an emotional bringing together of employees from two different corporate cultures. 4,000 employees celebrate the launch of the new company at five locations simultaneously. The mission statement and corporate values of Vonovia SE are brought to life for all employees. Two teams merge into one through cross-location team building. A live broadcast between the locations creates an incomparable sense of community throughout Germany.

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