Wii love arts

Wii love arts

Moving isn't an art. Moving something is.

With the 'Wii', Nintendo has brought a video game console onto the market that is primarily intended to appeal to atypical video gamers (including 'non-gamers'). The sales success of the 'Wii' confirms this strategy. The aim is to reach particularly design-oriented and intellectually creative target groups.

"Wii love arts - art projects inspired by wii" is a book that unites art projects that deal with sports, movement and design. Most prominent artists are the choreographer William Forsythe, the Berlin theatre professor Carl Hegemann or the german-turkish writer Selim Özdogan. The book is now used worldwide to address "opinion leaders".

In addition, authentic, emotional press photos with professional footballer Philipp Lahm were created for the Nintendo DS, and a book was conceived and produced to address opinion leaders and carry out press work in order to get non-gamers excited about the "Wii" brand and position it as an epoch-making branded article.

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