Crossing borders

Crossing borders

Positioning a fuel card expert as a top service partner

With an annual turnover of approx. 3 billion euros, the Union Tank Eckstein GmbH & Co KG is one of the leading providers of fuel and service cards in europe. the UTA card system enables commercial customers to fill up with fuel at over 52,000 stations in 40 european countries, irrespective of brand and without cash. other services, such as the processing of toll payments, workshop services, breakdown and towing services, the refunding of value added tax and mineral oil tax guarantee UTA customers an all-round carefree package. The fact that UTA keeps its promises is demonstrated not least by the awards it has won in the "Top Service in Germany" competition.

On the cut-off date for the introduction of the satellite-based Viapass toll system in Belgium, which was implemented on April 1, 2016 and for the first time also affected freight vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 t or more, there were considerable difficulties in the delivery and registration of the electronic toll units (on-board units, or OBUs for short) required for vehicles subject to tolling by the toll operator.

In order to counteract long queues in front of the approximately 120 toll service stations of the toll operator as well as short sales and malfunctions of the service machines, further possibilities for the registration of OBUs should be created in the short term especially for UTA customers.

For this purpose, livewelt set up additional toll service points of its own at strategically important traffic routes along the Belgian border, where UTA customers had the opportunity to purchase one of the OBUs required on the key date and have it registered on site by trained personnel.

In order to make the waiting time for the drivers as entertaining and pleasant as possible, additional services for the drivers have been integrated, and last but not least, it was the tireless efforts of all service staff present that helped UTA to position itself as an innovative service provider with solution-oriented offers and high customer service.


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